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Kristin Arthur, PhD

I am a certified Enneagram teacher working in the Narrative Tradition. I hold a PhD in Human Development with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy from Virginia Tech. My doctoral research involved creating and validating an expanded Enneagram typology that integrated Enneagram types and adult attachment styles. In the fifteen years since I completed my dissertation, research on attachment processes has continued to grow and expand. New fields of study have developed out the original ground of attachment theory and my understanding of the Enneagram is evolving along with these new theories and research findings. In particular, I am incorporating new research and practice from the field of Mentalization theory.

My understanding of the Enneagram also continues to be shaped by unfolding research regarding the ancient past of the Enneagram. We now know about the central role that Evagrius - a Christian philosopher who lived and worked in the Egyptian desert outside of Alexandria in the mid 300s CE - holds in the development of the Enneagram. And it is also becoming clear that Evagrius himself was drawing on even more ancient theory and practice as he developed and taught his own unique philosophy of how to live.

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